We Did It!

11984558_1029268297107152_329793847_oIt’s official guys, last week my partner Steve and I completed our first 10k race, all in aid of Diabetes UK. I’m not usually one to blow my own trumpet but I am proud to say that we absolutely smashed it!

We took part in the Great Yorkshire Run 10k in Sheffield on Sunday 27 September and as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I was feeling more than a little nervous about it as I’m not a seasoned runner and certainly no 10k running pro.

But the day came and I felt excited, nervous and apprehensive all at once. As we gathered at the start line, I was scared but also felt so excited to just get going. I never thought running would make me feel so excited, I used to bloody hate it. The atmosphere was fantastic in Arundel Gate, Sheffield, with supporters standing at the sidelines and cheering everyone on. As we set off, I felt confident, carried along by the sea of fellow runners. We ran all the way along Penistone Road in Sheffield and I was surprised, even though I was effectively running on my own and not chatting to anyone, that I felt relaxed and there was no urge for me to stop like there usually is. That little voice in my head that wants me to slow down, stop running, just generally stop this madness had packed its bags and gone on holiday somewhere and it felt great. I ran a backwards version of the route that I usually take to work, thinking proudly to myself ‘I usually drive down this road in a morning and here I am now, running it.’ I ran past bands playing music to cheer us all on and even jogged alongside a man in a huge chipmunk costume for some of the way (big respect to him for being able to run in that).

As I reached the 5k mark, I spotted the first supporter that I knew – my manager from work and his family. The cheers they kindly gave me really spurred me on again at a point when I may have otherwise begun to flag.

12045717_10153664561373615_7241481359606691221_oAt the 8k mark, I spotted my friends and their two children at the side of the road, and to my delight they had made me a banner! My friend and I have a long-standing joke about our mutual annoyance at the over use of the ‘Keep Calm’ brand (it’s used for everything – just stop it now!!) so she had crafted me a ‘Keep Calm’ banner and her adorable children were there holding the banner. *Heart melts*

Just as I rounded the last corner and was about to take on the hill that ended the race (and the one which I was warned about by a few people beforehand), I took a deep breath and prepared to go for it. Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder and Steve, who was in the group behind mine and so started the race five minutes after me, smiled at me and promptly overtook me. ‘Nooooo!’ I thought, ‘I must chase after him’, but as soon as I tried to sprint, I realised it was just too ambitious, so I returned to my plod and let him shoot off.

Crossing the finish line, I couldn’t keep a big smile off my face, it was an amazing feeling! Later I discovered when looking at the official results on the website, that I had completed the race in 01:05:12 and Steve had completed it in 01:00:44. Definitely a PB for both of us!!!

What’s more, we’ve managed to raise £283 to date for Diabetes UK, which has smashed our original target of £200.

So, without wanting to turn into a running bore (I promise I won’t!) I now feel like I could be hooked and am already counting down the days until Monday 5 October, when  I can sign up to my next 10k race – the Percy Pud Run, Sheffield, in December 2015. (Although after seeing the official footage of me crossing the finish line yesterday, that was almost enough to put me off stepping into my running shoes again. I looked like a hunchback throwing myself over the finish line.)

I’ll keep a little quieter about the next race on the blog, but I just wanted to share this milestone fitness achievement and would like to thank everyone who has offered kind words of support through my blog ahead of the race.

Massive thanks to everyone who has sponsored us and donated money to Diabetes UK, or who has offered  – you are all lovely people!! Huge thanks also to friends and family who came to cheer us on on the day, that completely made it for us!

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7 thoughts on “We Did It!

  1. Lady Nym says:

    Well done! I truly am not a runner so I’m very impressed. My husband has done charity runs but it’s not something I’d consider! I’m so glad you enjoyed the whole experience and for a good cause.


  2. Morgan Prince says:

    Well done! I’ve not managed a 10k yet but did a 5k run earlier in the year. I was worn out by the finish line but I agree with that awesome feeling. You should be so proud of yourself, really well done. xx

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