Evaluating Life In the Field of Dreams

11217832_10153091968598031_7649796920151930159_oLast week I temporarily upped sticks and headed down south to Glastonbury Festival to spend four nights camping on a (mahoosive!) farm with another 200,000 people or so.

It was my return to the festival after my first visit exactly ten years ago in 2005, when I had literally just left university. At that time, I had spent the month of June firstly partying in Ayia Napa for a week, on a ridiculously boozy holiday that resulted in a dramatic parting of ways with a friend, which left me distraught (however, ten years later that same friend and I have found each other again and are now boyfriend and girlfriend, so all’s well that ends well), before returning home to head straight to Download Festival for a weekend. So, by the time that Glastonbury rolled round, I was tired, stressed about recent events and concerned about the future (I was about to graduate and return home to live with my parents with no job prospects on the horizon). All of that, coupled with the rain that drenched us for most of the weekend, left me thinking, ‘this overrated festival is hard work, I’ll not be back’.

Fast forward ten years and I found myself heading back down there. Why? Well, a group of friends have been going for the past five years or so and always rave upon their return about the festival. So, when the opportunity arose to head down there this year, I thought ‘why not? I’ve not been to a big festival in quite a few years, let’s do this!’

Glastonbury did not disappoint, and changed my opinion of the annual festival massively. It has grown beyond belief since my last visit and was simply awe-inspiring. You would have to go at least ten times in order to do and see all the things you wanted and there were many points over the weekend when I wished I could split myself into a hundred pieces to go and experience the many different things taking place. Believe me, my Glastonbury Bucket List is very long now, so I will be returning!

Not only was the weekend full of new, exciting experiences that left me marvelling at how much the festival has grown since I was last there, but it also gave me a chance to reflect on how life has changed for me personally over the last ten years. Since that uncertain 21-year-old, at a cross-roads in life, last went to Glastonbury, life has opened up in ways I couldn’t have imagined:

… I’ve followed three different career paths to date, although writing has been the theme that has run throughout and linked each of them together.

… My tastes in all things have grown and developed in a variety of ways.

… I’ve travelled to places I never planned to, or thought in my humble, young mind that I would visit.

… I’ve met and made friends with some amazing people.

… I’ve been lucky enough to fall in love.

… I’ve made life decisions I didn’t want to have to make, and I’ve had to try and let that love go in order to be true to myself.

… I’ve realised that letting go of someone you love can be the hardest thing in the world.

… I’ve made mistakes.

… I’ve been given a chance to try again.


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7 thoughts on “Evaluating Life In the Field of Dreams

  1. redpeffer says:

    Now you’re making me want to make a return trip. Although I fear my evaluating of then and now wouldn’t leave me feeling especially good so maybe I should wait a while longer!

  2. Nicola Young says:

    It’s interesting to reflect on your life since the previously time you went there. Ten years is a. Long time and a lot can happen. I’ve never been, but I look back and wish I had gone when I was younger. Sounds like it was amazing this year – and dry too!

  3. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    I’ve never been and it is something I would like to experience. It’s interesting how revisiting places can bring on a bout of self-reflection. Sometimes a hard to do, but often very worthwhile x Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  4. Bec Cowley says:

    I’ve never been to a big festival like this. I watched on TV and saw peoples pictures and videos on twitter and it just really made me want to go and experience it.
    It’s interesting to read your reflection on the 1st time you went and this time and the things that have happened

  5. Jamie @ Medium Sized Family says:

    My hubby and I like to return to our honeymoon destination every 5 years or so, and we usually reflect on how far we’ve come in the past 5 years and where we want to be the next time we go. It’s funny how certain events trigger nostalgia, but I enjoy it!

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