All About You Link Party – Sometimes Less is More


Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m good at taking a lot of stuff on in life and as a result, I’m really good at keeping myself busy. I can cram a whole load of varied things into my social life.

I haven’t always made the most of my time. I’m 30 now and I look back over my late teens/early twenties when I was a uni student and think I really could have done more with my time (especially since I now work at a university and when I see and hear about all the activities that students have the opportunity to get involved in, I think ‘wow, if only I could have my student days again, I’d do all of those things!’). But somewhere over the last ten years, I’ve become someone who wants to take up as many opportunities as possible and try as many different things I can. And I like that about myself, I really do, but I’ve also learned in more recent times that you have to also make time to relax occasionally, or else it will catch up with you. And then, you’ll be forced to slow down, whether you like it or not.

Wharncliffe Woods

Saturday afternoon’s view in Wharncliffe Woods

So, after a super busy and fun month of hen parties and baby showers up and down the country, and with a busy week ahead (which I’m actually really looking forward to!), I planned to take the Bank Holiday weekend we’ve just had and spend it doing very little, other than recharging my batteries. The weekend wasn’t completely without its activities, however. My boyfriend and I were dogsitting a friend’s seven-month-old puppy called Poppy from Friday to Sunday (much to the annoyance of my cat, Theo). But this was perfect because we were able to spend a couple of days just taking the adorable Poppy on a few walks in the countryside around our home and soaking up the beautiful greenery around us before heading home for some indulgent weekend food. Bliss.

Of course, ever the party girl, I couldn’t resist a few cheeky tipples with some friends on Bank Holiday Sunday (and it had been planned for a few weeks anyway), but instead of cramming a load of activities into my weekend alongside this and then feeling exhausted afterwards, I was able to enjoy catching up with friends and be fully ‘present’, rather than knackered.

For so long now, I’ve been telling myself that I have to be ‘on the go’ all the time, rushing from one thing to the next, or else I’ll be missing out on life and opportunities, when, really, I have just been running myself into the ground, not fully enjoying the things I have been doing and neglecting myself in the process.

I still love doing lots of different things with life and I always want to make time to spend with my nearest and dearest, but I’m appreciating more so these days the value of slowing down and taking time out for yourself, so that when you are spending time with your friends and family, you’re able to engage with them better and appreciate the time spent together even more.

There’s no point cramming so much into your life that you forget to actually enjoy the things you’re doing. It defeats the whole object. Who would have thought it, that good ol’ saying really is true – sometimes less really IS more 😉 .

All about You Link Party – come and share what YOU’VE been up to!

This week, I am thrilled to be co-hosting the All About You link party with Zaz from the fantastic Mama and More blog.

We want to hear what’s been happening in your world! Your thoughts, your views, your style  – anything at all, as long as it’s all about you!

Link up as many posts as you like to the linky (add your links by clicking the blue button at the bottom of this post) and you can also link Instagram images (Instagram hashtag #allaboutyounow).

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Now, let’s get on with the link party! Let’s hear about YOU!



4 thoughts on “All About You Link Party – Sometimes Less is More

  1. Helen Scott says:

    Love this post! I read today that doing an hour of ‘nothing’ can really help with your happiness! I think I’ll have to set this time aside more often! Also, whilst on the subject, my phone ran out of data this week and instead of topping it back up and getting back on social media/instant messaging, I decided to not bother and only restrict it to when I have wi-fi. It’s been a bit of a god-send!

    • jenieveve says:

      Thanks Helen! I think the idea of restricting social media/internet use could be a really good one because it’s so easy to never have nothing to do whenever we have the internet and/or a mobile phone at our fingertips! There’s always a message to reply to, a news feed to scroll through or an email to read. xx

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    I couldn’t agree more, I run myself ragged more often than not, and then don’t really enjoy any of the activities I’m doing, and I am certainly not present. Last weekend we slowed down, after a few manic ones, and it was lovely. I actually felt quite refreshed by the end of it, and that feeling has extended into my week (so far… the heat today has come close to breaking my calm exterior!).

    • jenieveve says:

      Thanks for your reply, Sara! I’m pleased to hear you managed to have a quieter weekend after some really busy ones. It can be so hard to slow down when we become so used to being on the go all the time, but it’s great when we can stop and appreciate the calm that it brings!

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