Just What the Doctor Ordered – A Fab Weekend

I don’t know about you but, as much as I LOVE my weekends, it’s actually quite rare that I have one that I come away from feeling refreshed, revived and ready to take on the world in the coming week ahead. This is usually down to the fact that, because I work full-time, I cram so much into my time off that there’s often not enough time for reflection and rejuvenation. And I go back to work on Monday feeling exhausted. Clearly this is something I need to look at.

That said, this last weekend was fabulous and I have headed into the new week feeling all kinds of upbeat and positive. It was one of those rare weekends that come along every once in a while and make you take stock of life, make you celebrate the positives, eliminate the negatives and appreciate how pretty damn good everything is, and can be.

10835165_10152969055158031_5787862697975417988_oMy weekend was a break from the norm because it was actually a four-day weekend – I had Friday and Monday booked off work – and I headed down from Sheffield to the beautiful Forest of Dean (my first visit there) to celebrate the hen weekend of an old friend from university.

It was just a wonderful, long weekend surrounded by stunning nature, good company, good food and just the right amount of cheeky cocktails 😉 . It was one of those weekends that just flowed brilliantly. It was fabulous catching up and connecting with old friends, and meeting lovely new people too.

So often these days, people are so busy that it’s hard to stop and take stock of things, and really connect with those in your company. Being in a cabin in the woods with no signal all weekend really encouraged me to take a step back from the phone that may as well be surgically attached to me most of the time (although I will admit I did connect to WiFi and log on to WhatsApp and Facebook during some of the down-time – baby steps…!), and just appreciate both being me and being in the company of those around me.


Beautiful Symonds Yat, where we lunched on Saturday afternoon.

My journey back up North on Monday was broken up by a visit to see a lovely lady very dear to me and a fab lunch at the Weighbridge Inn in Stroud. Seriously, I’m not being paid to say this but their 2in1 pies are to die for, that pastry…. mmmmm!

Although every weekend can’t sadly be four days long and spent in the middle of a gorgeous forest, I’m determined to hold on to those positive feelings and memories from last weekend and take it forward into the weeks ahead.

This post is hooked up to the fabulous All About You link party, hosted by Mama and More.

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