Snapshots From a Flying Visit to London

This week I made, as the title of the post suggests, a flying visit to London with work. I just travelled down on Tuesday evening to stay over ahead of a marketing conference on Wednesday and then returned home straight after the event.

I’ve been to London with work before, although it’s not a regular occurrence, so maybe it was just the novelty of it all and the space alone to think, but wandering through the train and then tube stations  in Tuesday evening’s dusk, as I made my way to my hotel, I was struck by a series of little ‘snapshots’ that evoked a mixture of feelings within me:

– There was the heartfelt glimpse of a group of friends waiting outside the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras station with a HUGE banner (like, held up on sticks and everything), excitedly chatting, dancing around and eagerly waiting for the return of their loved ones…

– There was the truly passionate embrace (seriously, it was like something out of a Hollywood film) between a smartly dressed ‘professional’ looking couple at the entrance to the Tube station. Maybe he was just greeting her from the Tube after a business trip, or maybe he was bidding her farewell, who knows, but they certainly looked ‘in love!’…

– There was my journey on the Tube, and the novel excitement of travelling on the London Underground (a feeling I often get when I visit London, but it’s one I know would QUICKLY disappear if I had to make the journey often). Whenever I visit Europe on city breaks, I tend to use the underground metro services there (if they have them, of course!) and so travelling on the Tube often reminds me of city breaks and special memories with the people I love…

– Then there was the view from my hotel window, looking over all the neighbouring Victorian buildings, and glimpsing rooftop gardens and fairy lights – the little, creative things people do to create their own inner-city havens…

IMG_20140418_202434~2I was glad to get home on Wednesday evening to my boyfriend, cat and creature comforts. But, removed from my normal weekday routine for just a short time, my flying visit to London was a good opportunity to think, to meet new people and to be reminded that there is a whole world out there beyond your day-to-day routine, a whole world of snapshots and stories. I’ve been too mired in my ‘here and now’ recently, so this was a valuable reminder for me.

This post is hooked up to the ‘All About You’ Tuesday Link and Pin Party 🙂

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