Breaking/Losing Stuff

I’m pretty embarrassed to say that I got upset this morning over a £3 necklace from Dorothy Perkins. Even typing this, I realise I sound like a first-world brat but please do bear with me.

I’m really not much of a jewellery merchant at all. I don’t buy a great deal of the stuff, but I found the said £3 silver-leaf necklace last week and loved it – even more so because it was such a bargain. I took it home and carefully hung it, with shop tags still in tact, on one of the hooks inside my jewellery box.

This morning, waking up and feeling a bit ‘meh’, I thought  as I was getting dressed ‘ooh, I’ll wear my new necklace with this top, that will brighten up a Thursday morning at work’ (I hardly ever think to pair jewellery with outfits, I often neglect to wear jewellery to work at all, so it made a refreshing change to have a thought like this!).

When I took the necklace – shop tags and all – from the jewellery box, I noticed that two of the silver leaves were snapped clean in half, making the necklace unwearable. I had no idea how this had happened as, although it was a very delicate necklace, it was definitely still in tact when I bought it and carefully hung it up a few days ago.

This just brought back into my mind the fact that last night, whilst out food shopping, I randomly happened to notice that my body bar had fallen out of my belly button. My new, shiny body bar that I bought in Manchester a month ago whilst on a day out with friends. I’ve had my belly button pierced for 15 years and after the first couple of years, the novelty of buying new body bars died down and I stopped buying new ones so this recent purchase was a real rarity. The point was, it was a pretty purchase that reminded me of a good day out with friends and somehow, it’s come loose and fallen away from me and I’ll probably not find it again.

So, after encountering this morning’s jewellery breakage and recalling last night’s jewellery loss, I was in a bad mood. I asked my boyfriend if he had touched the jewellery box and broken the necklace:

“No!” he said. “Has the cat got into the box and broken it?”

“No!” I said. (I don’t know this for sure, though).

Ultimately, I don’t know how the necklace got broken and at £3, it really doesn’t matter. I also don’t know how I lost my body bar (although I suspect it may have happened on an after-work run) and although I have attached some sentimental value to it, it really isn’t the end of the world that it’s gone.

The point is that in life, things are inevitably going to get lost and broken – both materially and metaphorically – from time to time. It’s frustrating as hell when we feel like we haven’t actively done anything to contribute to something’s loss or breakage. I felt frustrated and annoyed that I went to put on a brand new piece of jewellery this morning (and I was looking forward to putting it on), only to find that it was broken and I had no idea how it had happened. I felt powerless over the outcome of that situation. It just reminded me of how this kind of thing can happen on a bigger scale in life – things can be taken from us or broken and we can feel powerless over it, but I guess it’s how we choose to deal with it that counts.


2 thoughts on “Breaking/Losing Stuff

  1. Katie / Pouting In Heels says:

    Oh no!! I hate it when you love something and you lose it or it breaks. Happens so many times to me now with Elsie and her chubby toddler hands.

    Funny how we get all hung up on materialistic stuff isn’t it? In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter a jot, however when you like pretty things or useful things, it can be sad when the time has come to say goodbye to it.

    Whenever something breaks now or I lose something, I always think; it’s just not for me anymore. That’s it. And also, that there’s plenty more pretty things in the world to covet!

    Maybe that necklace broke because you might have gone to work and caught it on something. Maybe you’ll find a more sensational necklace next week that will look even more perfect with that top. The world works in mysterious ways. Lovely to have you back blogging again Jen, I’ve missed you! x

    • jenieveve says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Katie! I like your thinking, it obviously wasn’t meant to be and something better is out there… after feeling irritated that I’d not even had chance to wear my new bargain necklace even once, I went on to order myself an even prettier one! 🙂
      Hope you’re well my lovely and have a fab weekend! xx

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