Spring is…

So, this morning saw the solar eclipse take place. This may or may not have been an impressive sight, depending on where you were in the world. Here in Sheffield, I must say it was more impressive than I expected it to be. Theo even took a moment out of his mouse/rat killing spree to sit on the windowsill and get a front-row view of the moon’s journey across the sun.


10403567_10152860265888031_6233167405417636122_nHere he is with his selfie-stick at the ready (irresponsible cat, don’t you know that no selfies are allowed during an eclipse! You might also want to attach a phone/camera to the end of that selfie-stick, mate).

Anyway, now that the excitement of the eclipse is over and my retinas remain *just* in tact (at least I hope so – yes, I looked directly at it for a couple of seconds… playing with fire, literally, I know), I’d like to know celebrate the fact that today, Friday 20 March 2015, marks the first day of SPRING!

That’s right, Winter has packed its bags and left the building, and new beginnings are all around us. Spring can mean many things to many people, here’s what Spring is to me (an eclectic mix):

1. Spring is… New beginnings

2. Spring is… Rejuvenation

3. Spring is… A fresh breeze

4. Spring is… Beautiful colours cropping up everywhere

5. Spring is… An opportunity to strive to become a better version of an already wonderful you – whether this be a commitment to eating well, exercising more, or making more time for yourself and your nearest and dearest

6. Spring is… Distant shores on the horizon, beckoning you

7. Spring is… Light evenings – and leaving work without the oppressive darkness hanging over you

8. Spring is… The promise of summer fun – picnics, BBQs, beer gardens with friends and festivals (all in moderation, of course – remember no. 5!)

9. Spring is… Good food and new seasonal recipes to try out

10. Spring is… Hope.

Make the most of Spring this year! I’d love to know, what does Spring mean to you?


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