It’s Not Enough To Just Survive


Tonight I had the pleasure of seeing Sheffield’s home grown artist Neil McSweeney performing in a church on Psalter Lane. As ever, it was an amazing gig, enhanced by a brilliant warm up performance from the soulful Lost Brothers.

Many of Neil’s songs mean a lot to me and bring me to tears, so I thought I’d give him a shout on my humble old blog. The song I’m moved to share right now is Rope to Hang, which sounds an incredibly bleak title but whilst thought provoking, it’s not quite as grim as its title sounds.

Ironically, Neil didn’t sing this song tonight, although he said on stage that he nearly did, but I wanted to share this song in particular because the words have meant a lot to me over the last couple of years. Particularly profound are the words “it can’t be long til you realise it’s not enough to just survive.” So, try and find what makes you happy and go for it, don’t just ‘survive.’


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