An Evening of Swishing

Just over a year or so ago, I went to my first clothes swap event (a.k.a. swishing) and loved the experience. I’ve intended to go to another one since that first swishing event but haven’t heard about many in the Sheffield area.

Last night, however, I went to an Evening of Swishing, held above the Broadfield pub in the Nether Edge area of Sheffield and organised by Hallam Roses W.I., and my love for swishing was revived! I managed to find a dress, jumper and pair of shoes I particularly liked, but just had to share with you these two gorgeous bags that I also picked up. I absolutely LOVE them!



The latter bag even came complete with a 5 pence piece and this note:


… I’m not sure if this note was intended for the bag’s new owner but I’ll take it anyway – gorgeous, new bag and a confidence boosting note, win!

The goody bags given out by HRWI were a lovely touch, complete with mini perfumes, Lush goodies and room scents. The only downside was that a friend of mine arrived later on in the evening (but still within the stated time that the event was being held) with her bag full of clothes, only to find the event had finished early.


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