This little book…


It’s been quite an eventful 12 months, hence why I have neglected my blog. It’s been a year of change, a year of various losses and a year with some gains. Throughout this time, I have had what have felt like a million different thoughts and emotions going through my mind, and have often struggled to know how to deal with and express them.

I haven’t felt able to express myself through this blog over the past year because much of the time, it’s felt like groundhog day in my head, going over the same situations in my mind, asking the same questions, not finding any answers – and let’s be honest, no one wants to read my inane ramblings (although, you are reading this now, so…).

I’ve never been any good at keeping a diary – I’m impatient and busy – but when a friend bought me a beautiful journal (pictured above) for my 30th birthday earlier this summer, I thought it would be a shame not to put it to good use. So, I decided I’m going to use this lovely book to make sense of the changes that have occurred in my life over the past year. I’m not going to write in my journal every day because, as aforementioned, I’m busy and, well, I’m not 12 anymore. But I thought it was time to go one of those ever-popular journeys of self-discovery and what better to go on that journey with than this beautiful little book? Who knows – some interesting, new blog posts may come from it – here’s hoping!


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