Review: The Relaxation Den, Sheffield

On Thursday evening I headed over to beauty and holistic salon The Relaxation Den, nestled on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield – a road famed for being a hive of activity, whatever the time of day. I was there because I’d decided to try out the salon’s non-surgical facelift treatment as I was curious about the ‘instant results’ guaranteed by the treatment and also very tempted by the relaxation it promised.

Arriving straight from work at the other side of Sheffield, I was feeling a little wound up after a busy day so a little bit of ‘R&R’ was much needed, to say the least! On arrival I was greeted by therapist Lauren and taken through to the treatment room, where I was talked through the process of the non-surgical facelift treatment. Despite its bustling location, The Relaxation Den has a truly calming aura surrounding it and as I sat in the ambient lighting of the treatment room and Lauren described the procedure to me, I could feel my stress ebbing away. Even when Lauren explained that the treatment involved using an electric current to firm and tone facial muscles, it didn’t daunt me too much – surprising since I had no idea that the treatment would actually involve using an electric current before I went into the treatment room!

Once I was settled onto the treatment bed, Lauren began a thorough facial cleanse and exfoliation, using a range of Dermalogica products. This boosted my relaxation levels so by the time Lauren showed me the metal rods that she was about to use for the facelift, I didn’t even flinch (not that I’m implying the metal rods look at all flinch-inducing but I’m quite a nervy person so I’d expected this to have more of an effect on me!).

Lauren applied a gel to my face and then began the facelift procedure. It was a weird sensation, feeling the muscles in my face contract between the two metal rods. It was also strange seeing some flashing lights from time to time when the current was on my face but I was assured beforehand that this was perfectly normal and to be expected. The facelift procedure was not at all painful and lasted around ten minutes, before Lauren treated me to a face, neck and shoulder massage to round off the treatment.

Perhaps at 27-years-old I’m not in dire need yet of a facelift (although those who know me may say differently!) but I definitely felt the benefits of this treatment. For one, the facial was amazingly relaxing and left my skin feeling so cleansed that I made a promise to myself to treat myself to facials more regularly in future. I met up with a friend immediately after my treatment and she testified that I looked more fresh faced. When I looked in the mirror, I could see subtle definition to my cheekbones and my eyes even looked a little wider, but in a natural way.

I would definitely recommend the non-surgical facelift treatment to ladies of all ages but if you don’t feel this treatment is for you then The Relaxation Den has a whole host of beauty and holistic treatments for you to choose from, all performed in a friendly and ultra relaxing environment. There’s bound to be something on offer to suit your needs and budget – the salon is now even offering Vajazzles for those of you who fancy trying something a bit different and daring! The salon gets a huge thumbs up from me so next time you’re caught in the hustle and bustle of Ecclesall Road, why not take some time out to visit The Relaxation Den?

You can find out more about the treatments on offer at or call 0114 2667779. You can also find The Relaxation Den on Twitter – @RelaxationDen.


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