Small Steps Make A Big Difference

Spring has sprung and brought with it the launch of a new campaign designed to give women everywhere the inspiration they need to make healthy changes to their lifestyles.

Recent research has shown that 94% of UK women have made a healthy resolution but 52% of them manage to break well-intentioned plans once a week, and a fifth of women find it difficult to keep up willpower for just one day.

To help, Splenda, the organisation behind the low calorie sugar alternative, has launched the ‘Small Steps’ campaign. With the help of an expert panel – including style guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones, celebrity fitness expert Jane Wake, life coach Liz Wilde and Splenda nutritionist Kiran Goraya – the campaign aims to give women tips on how to keep going on those tricky resolutions.

Life coach Liz Wilde has some good advice for those of us who are feeling overwhelmed about the healthy resolutions we’d like to make. She says: “The number one reason we put off improving our lives is because big changes feel so scary and unattainable. Which is why breaking goals down into small steps is the secret of success.

“There’s less fear when you’re just concentrating on what you need to do that day and as you stick to your good intentions, you’ll be motivated to carry on until your new habits become a way of life.”

I’m currently on the Slimming World diet plan and this has improved my diet ten-fold. The one ‘healthy resolution’ in life that I’m struggling to stick to, though, is cycling to work. Now that spring is here, there is no reason why I shouldn’t hop on my bike and head off to work – it’s about five miles each way and takes a really nice route along the river and then canal path so there are barely any scary main roads to tackle. Plus, it’s an easy way to get some exercise without having to spend time after work in the gym and it saves on petrol money! A win-win situation and when I actually get out there on my bike I find that I enjoy it, it’s just finding that motivation to get on it.

So my small steps are going to be to ensure that I hop on my bike to work as much as I can now that winter is behind us. I’ve cycled there four times in the last couple of weeks, which isn’t bad going, I just need to make sure I build up the amount of times I cycle to work until, as life coach Liz Wilde says, my new habit becomes a way of life.

So, ladies – and gents! – what small steps would you like to make to your lifestyle?

You can find out more about the Splenda Small Steps campaign and pick up tips on how to keep your healthy resolutions here.


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