Growing polka dot collection

Confessions Of A Polka Dot Addict

Growing polka dot collection

Just a fraction of my growing polka dot collection

My name is Jenny and I am addicted to polka dots. I’ve always had an eye for those pesky little dots but I think it really hit home how much I craved them just over a year ago when I ended up buying three very similar polka dot dresses in the space of as many months.

I was shopping in Manchester for a dress to wear to my work Christmas party when I spotted a lovely 50s style polka dot number with red trim. I tried it on, loved it and bought it, job done. But then I headed to a shop over the road and spotted a very similar polka dot dress that looked even nicer when on so I bought that and intended to take the first dress back for a refund. However, on returning to the first shop I was told that they didn’t offer refunds so I was effectively stuck with two very similar dresses.

‘That’s fine’, I thought, ‘I’ll just have two lovely dresses to wear when summer comes around’. You’d think that would be the end of it but a short while later, I spotted another 50s style polka dot dress, this time with cherry motifs smattered across it. I was instantly hooked. My mind was screaming ‘Step away!!!! You do NOT need another polka dot dress!’, but I could not stop my arm from reaching out and before I knew it, I was back home adding another spotty number to my frock collection.

I came ever so slightly to my senses a short while later and sold one of the dresses on eBay because three very similar dresses is ludicrous and unnecessary, but I haven’t managed to kick my polka dot habit altogether and now they are back in fashion (though they were never out of fashion in my besotted eyes), I’m beginning to realise I’m screwed because they’re everywhere and I can’t resist them!

As you can see from the pic at the top of this post – which shows just some of my polka dot collection – I have two polka dot umbrellas. Why, WHY do I need two polka dot umbrellas?!

I went on a short break to Madrid recently and passed a shop with a whole window display of polka dot items. My mind went into overdrive and I very nearly bought the whole display but managed to walk away with this lovely – and very practical – purse (more practical than multiple polka dot umbrellas, anyway):

My most recent purchase was this pair of polka dot hair clips, from the very talented Imogen’s Imagination in Sheffield:

Surprisingly I don’t own any polka dot shoes but I have been eyeing up some beauties recently that I have pinned to my Pinterest board, Polka Dot Love, that is dedicated to all things polka dot. My goodness, I really do need help!!


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