Joining The Army

Proud Member of the Blurt Army

This week I joined the army… the Blurt Army, that is!

On Monday, I officially became an online mentor for Blurt, a fantastic organisation committed to stamping out the stigma of depression one word at a time. Blurt predominantly provides a mentoring scheme, which is led by volunteers, so that sufferers of depression are not alone.

The team behind Blurt is extremely passionate about smashing the stigma surrounding depression, understanding that the illness can leave you feeling like an outsider and as if no one understands. Therefore, through the online mentoring service, people in need of a friendly ear are matched up with mentors who have shared similar experiences and are there to offer a friendly ear to mentees, who can offload to someone who understands.

Blurt is only a very young organisation, having launched in August 2011, but already it is rapidly growing. When I first heard about Blurt a few months ago, I was blown away by the fantastic work being done by the team, which is made up by passionate people determined to make a difference and show that depression doesn’t have to stop you from doing ANYTHING you want to in life.

And because depression doesn’t discriminate, neither does the Blurt team, offering its mentoring services to men and women in their 70s as well as teenagers. Some have depression, some are worried about their loved ones and some just want to rant and get something off their chest.

This evening I attended my first Blurt mentor webinar and it was such a pleasure to have my first chat with other members of the ‘Blurt Army’. I’m so excited about working with such an amazing team of people for such a worthwhile cause!

If you’d like to find out more about the brilliant work that Blurt is doing – perhaps you’re interested in taking part in the mentoring scheme either as a mentor or a mentee – then head to You can also follow Blurt on Twitter – @BlurtAlerts – or like the Blurt Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “Joining The Army

  1. Katie says:

    Well done Jen!

    Blurt is such a fantastic cause and you’ll do a fantastic job, you’ve always been a kind and sensitive ‘ear’ 🙂

    I’ve considered mentoring myself but just haven’t managed to get around to it yet. I’m not sure i’ll have the time either with baby P on the way but still, hopefully one day.

    x x x

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