Feeling Flushed

Yesterday I had a completely new experience. A friend and I went to Barnsley to redeem the colon hydrotherapy treatments we’d bought each other for Christmas from KGB Deals. We don’t usually buy each other such weird presents, we’d just agreed it was something we both wanted to give a go so decided we’d try it out together. Benefits of colon hydrotherapy are said to include better function of the colon, clearer skin and even weight loss.

Although I had strangely been looking forward to the treatment – in the hope that it would boost my diet and I’d come out feeling lighter – I was still super nervous when we arrived.

I was the second one to go in for the treatment so I had plenty of time to sit in the waiting room wondering just how intrusive this intrusive treatment was going to be. I listened out for my friend’s screams but there were none, just the occasional peal of laughter. A promising sign, I thought!

When my turn came to go in, my nerves increased. The lady performing the treatment, however, was lovely, talking me through what would happen and reassuring my concerns. As I lay on the treatment bed, she even asked me whether I’d prefer to listen to Adele or Will Young throughout the experience! As much as I prefer Adele, I thought Will’s voice would be less strident and more relaxing for what I was about to encounter so I opted for his CD.

I’ll spare you the graphic details of what happened next but I will say that the treatment was not at all painful (as I feared) and didn’t feel half as intrusive as you’d expect it to. Although I expected to feel light as a feather straight after the treatment, I didn’t feel much different to begin with. Later on in the evening and this morning, however, I have definitely been able to feel a difference. I feel lighter, brighter and cleansed and although it’s not the kind of treatment I’d go for regularly, I’d definitely consider it again in the future.


One thought on “Feeling Flushed

  1. itsnoel says:

    Will Young… I had to LOL at that one!! 😉

    I dunno… I heard good and bad things about these bunglehole treatments… so I’m glad to see someone else tries it out so I don’t have to 😉

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