Slow But Successful Slimming

I’ve ummed and arred about posting this update on my Slimming World progress for two reasons:

1) I’m careful that my blog doesn’t turn into a slimming blog (not that there is anything wrong with slimming blogs, it can be highly supportive and motivational – for writers and readers – to share their experiences, but I just set out to create a little more wide-ranging blog and I’m keen not to lose that).

2) I’m a little sheepish about my progress this month.

Why? Well, January has been my first full month of doing Slimming World and after my festive Baileys-related setback, I have gone on to lose some weight every week, resulting in me being awarded Slimmer of the Week three weeks ago and Slimmer of the Month last week. Great stuff and I was very chuffed in lots of ways but despite the fact the I have lost every week, I have lost a grand total of 4.5 pounds this month. It’s still an achievement and is indeed progress, and for that I am very happy, but I’m aware that people in my group have lost more in one week than I have done in the month so I feel a little bit of a copout, when they should be celebrated for their bigger achievements. I feel a little bit like I’ve been awarded these achievements by default!

My modesty aside, I’m really pleased to be making progress and enjoy the Slimming World approach to weight loss – the group is supportive and the members area of the Slimming World website is packed with information and tips to help you stay on track. I’ve really enjoyed trying out some of the recipes – from both the website and Slimming World cook books – and never go anywhere without my little Slimming World bible, listing all the free and superfree foods, and the Syn values of all the naughty stuff.

So here’s hoping February is another positive month. My main mission is to incorporate more exercise into my new healthy eating lifestyle. I’m also really looking forward to the first Come Slim with Me night that myself, my sisters and my niece are planning to hold, so we can enjoy a sociable night of eating and drinking at each of our houses, without letting our Slimming World regimes slip!


3 thoughts on “Slow But Successful Slimming

  1. love Margaret says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Well done you! Especially as you are doing it in the winter which is far more difficult. At least in the summer your feel more inclined to act like a rabbit & just munch your way through a load of lettuce leaves.
    Bramble is eating twice as much as he normally does with this cold weather so if he carries on like this I will have to put him on a diet.
    You should feel very proud.

    • jenieveve says:

      Thank you! xx
      I definitely need to step up my exercise but neither Nick nor I have been very active lately because of the cold!

      Bramble is welcome to join Slimming World with me anytime ๐Ÿ˜‰ Binky hasn’t really been eating more but I wonder if being inside the house a bit more in winter is making him stir-crazy because every morning for the past few weeks, he’s been having a big shout at the bottom of the stairs!

      Hope to see you soon ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  2. Rachel White says:

    Yay! Well done. I’ve lost a grand total of 2lbs this month so your doing way better than me. But I think i’ve lost that just on cleaning up my eating habits and I do feel healthier. I’m like you though, I need to concentrate on the exercise a bit more, I’m managing an hour of walking 4 days a week and pilates at the moment but I don’t think it’s hard core enough. So I think I’m going to have to dust off my running shoes! Keep it up and I’m loving the “Come Slim with Me” fab idea. Hope to see you soon.

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