“You Could Stand To Drop A Dress Size Or Two…”

…. Were the words uttered at me as a 20-year-old, small size 12 student. The words came from a 36-year-old man whose favourite interests were talking about himself and his previous, skinny conquests – a lot. We attempted to start seeing each other but went our separate ways pretty quickly when I realised that skinny birds and the size of his ego didn’t really do it for me.

Although I never forgot his words, my weight has never been something I have ever really stressed too much about. Of course, I often fantasise about dropping that dress size – I think a lot of women feel like that – but I’ve never really gone out of my way to make that happen. I’ve always absolutely LOVED my food but have generally always tried to enjoy everything in moderation and this has helped me to maintain my weight rather than lose or gain any.

Lately though, I can tell that my weight has gradually been on the increase and I’ve moved up a size – maybe I haven’t been enjoying food and drink in as much moderation as I thought. I’ve become less comfortable with myself so have decided to take steps to stop this weight gain in its tracks.

So on Thursday, I joined Slimming World for the first time (a week before Christmas – helpful, but I like a challenge!). I’ve never done any Slimming World or Weight Watchers diets before so when I was handed my book and had the red diets, green diets and extra easy diets explained to me, my brain felt fried and I went away feeling pretty negative, if I’m honest. Once I’d had time to sit down with the book however, absorbing the information and looking at some of the recipe ideas – which actually look really tasty! – I came away feeling loads more positive, so on Friday I began the diet.

I generally eat lots of fruit and veg anyway so that won’t be too much of a shock, but the biggest changes will be cutting down on things like cheese, chips and dressings, and swapping cider/real ale for lower calorie shorts on nights out – my waistline might thank me but I’m not sure my liver will! – and just generally cutting down on weekend alcohol consumption altogether.

Last night, I overdid my ‘syn’ (the amount of cheeky food and drink you are allowed to consume in a day) allowance because I went to a friend’s house for pre-planned drinks and nibbles but I’m now able to pull back and with lots of tasty meal ideas, I’m feeling confident about the week ahead.

I promise not to drone on about diets too much in future blog posts but for those who may be interested on the progress, I will offer (brief!) updates as and when.


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