Sweets, sweets, lots of sweets...

A Sweet Idea?

Sweets, sweets, lots of sweets...

Sweets, sweets, lots of sweets

A few months ago, myself and a friend got our Alan Sugar heads on and decided to set up our own little sweetie enterprise. The idea was that we’d make up little gift bags and boxes of a selection of sweets (Drumsticks, cola bottles, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, pink pigs – you get the idea) and sell these online or at little markets. It’s by no means a novel idea but there seemed to be plenty of room in the market for another sweet enterprise.

So, off we popped to the wholesalers to stock up on sweet treats – LOTS of sweet treats – and, back at home, we got the weighing scales out and set about creating little bags of sweets. We had big plans for the markets we could open up shop at in the run up to Christmas and as I was due to attend a little festival in a few weeks’ time, I was looking forward to getting my wicker hand basket out and flouncing around fields like the sweet fairy, selling treats to hippies.

The thing is, we started to hit stumbling blocks when we looked into the Christmas markets we could exhibit at (I’m not talking huge Lincoln Christmas Market affairs here) as they all required business insurance from stallholders – hmmmm, maybe we should have thought of this before?

Still! There was my festival to go to… except when I got there, the initial reaction I got from people who saw me carrying my wicker basket was one of polite disappointment when they realised I wasn’t selling alcohol or space cakes. I managed to sell a few bags over the course of the weekend but I perhaps could have sold a few more if I had been more of a hardened saleswoman.

I came away from the festival with far more bags left than I had hoped and was a few quid down because a couple of six-year-olds ripped me off – giving me only 19 pence for two bags of sweets, as opposed to the going rate of £3, because it was all the money they had and I was too soft to literally take candy from a baby.

My dreams of flogging my share of the sweets to festival goers dashed, I started thinking about where else I could sell my wares. I decided to take a little basket of sweets into work, although I didn’t completely feel comfortable about profiteering from my colleagues. Nonetheless, aside from the odd joke, people were happy to buy them but there are only so many bags of sweets that a small company full of people are willing to buy, so I’m still stuck with quite a bit of stock at home. I still haven’t broken even on the amount of money I spent on the sweets and all the experience has confirmed for me is that I am not an entrepreneur and should never think about going on The Apprentice.

I have no idea what to do with the sweets I have left – any ideas?


5 thoughts on “A Sweet Idea?

  1. buddyupapp says:

    You need to find someway to brand your bags. Maybe you could present them in a way that is unique. Maybe you could put them in black bags so people get a surprise when they open bags.

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