Bob London

Viva, Viva SkegVegas

Seaside resorts, as a rule, freak me out. I don’t mean the pretty, picturesque seaside towns like those down in Cornwall – I mean the big, nasty resorts like Blackpool. I just find there’s something really sinister about them, and I get the same feeling about joke shops and fancy dress shops.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of a trip to Skegness (also known as SkegVegas to its mates) for my dad’s 65th birthday. I didn’t want to be ungrateful because my mum and dad really wanted myself and my sister to join them for the weekend to celebrate his birthday, so I decided I needed to quiet my inner snob, who just wanted to turn her nose up at anything and everything in sight. Instead, I took the good-humoured approach and enjoyed a fair few comedy moments throughout the weekend.

My highlights included the three-course evening meal in our B&B – a starter of garlic mushrooms and a main of chicken pie with an object that was allegedly a roast potato but bore no resemblance to a potato, followed by a slice of half-frozen Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake – all served at breakneck speed, plus the brilliant advertisement for the performance of ‘excellent male vocalist’ Bob London and the competition we devised amongst ourselves to see who could win the most tat from the two-pence slot machines.

I thought I’d share with you some pictures from the weekend…

Chicken pie and rock, I mean, roast potato – bon apetit!

Psychic Sarah

For one English pound, Psychic Sarah will read your aura and reveal your destiny.

Freaky topiary

Some freaky topiary going on outside someone’s house.

Just brilliant in every single way.


One thought on “Viva, Viva SkegVegas

  1. Sophia says:

    Classic Skeggy! I spent my 18th birthday in ‘The Street’ in Skeg – some themed bar centre, with a 60s bar, an 80s bar, an Irish bar etc… ending up in aptly named ‘Crypt’ club – which was dark and dingy as the name suggests… memories of the night: my parents got absolutely wasted for the first time in 18 years, some scabby bint stole my tacky tiara a friend bought me for my birthday and the following week someone got stabbed there and it was closed down… classy indeed!

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