Jenny goes back to school

Back To School

Jenny goes back to school

Last night saw me heading back to college to start a Level 2 course in Counselling. I enrolled on a Level 1 Introduction to Counselling course back in the spring, where I met some lovely new people, learned a little about the basics of counselling and, thankfully, passed the course. I really enjoyed the course but it did, nautrally, only scratch the surface of a very broad subject and following last night’s first class, I now know that the 12-week course I’m about to embark upon is going to be much more of a challenge – and I can’t wait!

After being out of full-time education for the last seven years, it was quite a strange feeling heading back to a learning environment at this time of year – the time when, back in the day, you’d be heading back to school / college / university to start a new academic year. September and the beginning of Autumn always feels like a strange time to me. Whilst in many ways it signifies an end – the end of light nights, bbqs, festivals, holiday season and general good times outdoors (sob) – it also feels like a beginning to me, most likely because I remember the feeling of heading back to school as the leaves were beginning to fall, wondering what experiences lay ahead for the next academic year.

So, as nervous as I was about stepping back into a learning environment yesterday, I really relished that nostalgic feeling of being on the edge of a new beginning (as corny as that may sound). It was great to see some of the old faces from the last course and chat about our summers, and also good to meet some new faces too. Gathered in the room were a variety of adults from all walks of life who have a real passion for the subject of ‘counselling’ – something which we all don’t know too much about but about which we can’t wait to learn more.

Whilst there’s going to be a lot of theoretical work involved throughout the course, we’ve also been told to expect to a lot of work on our personal development – reflecting upon our thoughts and feelings and the changes within ourselves as we progress through the course. Self-reflection on demand can be quite a scary prospect and I must admit, I’m feeling a little nervous about the things I may discover about myself but I’m really looking forward to the journey ahead…

You can find a previous, counselling skills-related post, ‘Learning To Be A Good Listener’, which considers how well we really listen to other people in a daily setting, here.


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