David J Roch

David J Roch – An Incredible Talent

David J Roch

I only became aware of David J. Roch’s music quite recently, when my boyfriend stumbled across details of his gig at Sheffield Cathedral in the Tramlines Festival programme and suggested we check him out. David’s set was in the evening so after a long day of traipsing from venue to venue in the city centre to see a variety of gigs, and still nursing a bit of a sore head from the previous evening’s festival merriment, I found it hard to connect with David’s set, though the setting was very impressive.

My boyfriend, however, was really impressed with the set and bought one of a few copies of David’s debut album, Skin and Bones, which was being sold by the man himself after the gig, even though the album is not on general release until August 29. I’m so pleased that Nick was taken enough with David’s Tramlines performance to buy a CD because after catching a few listens in the days following the gig, I started to think “this is something really special”. I couldn’t stop myself from humming along to a few of the tunes, particularly ‘The Devil Don’t Mind’, which showcases perfectly David’s incredibly strong voice and builds to a organ grinding crescendo.

So, when we heard that David J Roch would be headlining a set at the Opus Acoustic Night down at The Riverside last week, a few of us went along. From the opening track of the set, ‘The Lost Child’, the crowd was instantly hypnotised by the haunting, falsetto voice that David displayed and we all remained hooked throughout the whole set, repeatedly uttering to one another between songs just how amazing this guy’s talent was. David has such a strong and versatile voice but when watching him perform, it is hard to believe that such a powerful voice is actually coming from this man, who appears to release the words from his mouth so effortlessly.

Whilst performing a bit of an encore, David joked that he couldn’t perform much further into the night because he ‘had some undertaking to do in the morning’ (yes, he is actually an undertaker in his daily life).

I was slowly getting hooked on the Skin and Bones CD before I saw David’s acoustic performance last week but since then, I have not been able to stop listening to the CD – at home, in the car, at work, I’ll take it wherever I can get it.

David’s debut album, Skin and Bones, is released on August 29. You can also catch him playing at SOYO Live in Sheffield on Monday, September 5. Details here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=188729121194050


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