Stay Positive – A Reminder!

When I set up my blog, I told myself that I didn’t want it to ever become an outlet for my inane rants that nobody but me cares about – if that was my intention, I should have just got a diary to write in, it would be a lot less potentially socially destructive. Of course, I knew that certain topics that I chose to write about would cause me to share my feelings, but I promised myself I’d do so in a constructive manner so that it wouldn’t turn others off from reading.

This pact I made with myself is similar to the rule I have about not ‘Vaguebooking’, which – for those of you who don’t know Urban Dictionary – is when someone posts something intentionally vague as their Facebook (and Twitter) status update so that it prompts friends to ask what’s going on. I think it’s childish and it riles me up when I see someone else’s ‘Vaguebook’ status. I feel like furiously typing: “Get a grip! Ring someone who cares instead of trying to provoke a reaction from the whole world!”, but then, that’s no way to make friends and influence people…

That said, I am terribly ashamed to admit that this afternoon – stressed and pissed off – I ‘vaguebooked’ on Twitter. I knew I shouldn’t have but, as I shamefully tweeted, I was “at the end of my tether… yet again” with certain factors in my life that I can’t change right now and I needed an outlet because all I could see were the negatives of my situation. As soon as I posted the tweet, I thought: “Oh bloody hell, what was the point of that?”  All I wanted was to see things in more of a positive light and no amount of ranting via Twitter was going to help that.

Still in a grumpy mood, I carried on doing some research for work on the net when I randomly came across a quote that struck a chord with me and suddenly – just like it happens in Hollywood but rarely happens in real life – I gained some clarity on my situation and with it, the positivity that I’d been looking for. The quote was this:

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

This may sound like a generic, riddle of a quote to some but it really made sense to me and renewed the positivity I needed to see the good things in my situation and be able to treasure them. Maybe you’re wondering what my ‘situation’ is… well, I could tell you but that would be being too specific, wouldn’t it? 😉


2 thoughts on “Stay Positive – A Reminder!

  1. Katie Portman says:

    Jen – I love and admire your honesty. Sometimes we all need reminding what’s really important when we get bogged down in life and it’s disappointments and challenges.

    Weirdly, this blog post has just struck a major chord with me as it’s been “one of those days” which I haven’t had for a while….. so thank you for this and for being the loveliest terror twin I know x

    • jenieveve says:

      Aww thank you for your lovely comment, Terror Twin! I’m glad it struck a chord with you! Sometimes I don’t know if I’m just writing gibberish that no one else ‘gets’! xxx

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