East Meets West at Babylon

There aren’t enough decent, independent restaurants in Sheffield city centre by far these days, if you ask me. The place is clogged up with numerous chain restaurants that offer bog standard dishes in an impersonal setting and even the lure of the many 2 for 1 vouchers out there is not enough to make up for what you lose out on in taste.

That’s why it’s worth venturing out of the city centre to find the real gems and when you find one, I believe it’s definitely worth shouting about.

Babylon Restaurant is the culinary gem du jour that I want to shout about. In fact, I have been shouting about this place to all who will listen for quite some time.

Babylon, based in Pitsmoor (and not to be confused with the hideous 90s bar of the same name in the city centre), may not be a familiar name to some due to the fact that it is located in an area of Sheffield that is too far out for some people or avoided by others thanks to the reputation that it has gained over the years (however, these days, Pitsmoor really doesn’t deserve the hard rap it gets).

Based in the former Tollgate Inn, Babylon offers a taste of the middle east in a spacious setting. The varied menu boasts a choice of curries, biryani, sheekh, chicken and lamb kebabs and skewers, as well as other traditional dishes such as the Yemeni delicacy ‘aseed’. The restaurant also offers a private sheesha lounge outside, in keeping with its authentic theme, where you can retire to after your meal and if you really don’t want to believe you’re in Pitsmoor then it’s not too hard to fool yourself here.

The Chello Kebab, served on lovely Jeff Banks Ports of Call plates - circa 1997.

A friendly team of staff offer top-notch service every single time at Babylon, which complements the delicious food being served. The majority of main dishes are priced at £6 – £7, apart from one or two select dishes such as the mixed grill, and all dishes come with a complimentary basket of freshly baked naan bread – very moreish! What’s more, the restaurant is not licensed so in addition to the range of hot and cold soft drinks on offer, you are welcome to take along a little alcoholic tipple of your own to enjoy with your meal, making for a reasonably priced evening that is of fantastic value. Who needs those corporate 2 for 1 vouchers after all?

You can find out more about Babylon Restaurant through its Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Babylon-Restaurant-Sheffield/376143948236?sk=info

Sheesha, anyone?


3 thoughts on “East Meets West at Babylon

  1. itsnoel says:

    I used to frequent Pitsmoor loads back in the day, before restaurant ownership became a bit convoluted with buyouts and none reopening within x years and 2 miles… so I’ll take this and try make a visit sometime soon.

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